5 Steps to avoid cakey makeup during the heat

5 Steps to avoid cakey makeup during the heat

How to keep your makeup lightweight during the Summer?
Let’s get straight to the point! Cakey makeup is just not “it” for this endless summer heat wave… The humidity is forever annoying and this feeling of stickiness 24/7 is just unbearable. That’s why wearing makeup during the Summer season is a “should I or should I not” kind of situation. 

Let’s break it down:
SPF is a must. We often forget that sunscreen should go under our makeup and over it. It’s basically a necessity to protect ourselves from the sun even when we are wearing makeup. SPF can also be used as a primer because of its’ stickiness.
One of our faves the Elta MD Sunscreen This SPF not only protects but also hydrates your face leaving a nice feeling of moisture.
Instead of wearing a full coverage foundation, choose a light coverage one or use a tinted moisturiser. You’ll definitely feel much more comfortable.
We are OBSESSED with the Kosas tinted face oil. Not only is it easy to apply, but it also creates this beautiful healthy glow. 

And listen up, this is for my oily to combo skin peeps out there, make sure to blot with a blurring effect powder! This allows your makeup to set and not separate during the heat. The blurring effect minimises the appearance of pores and creates this barrier between your skin and the sun.
We’d recommend the Fit Me loose finishing powder . We are on a budget and the product is truly magical.
Anything waterproof! Your eyeliner should be smudge proof and your mascara waterproof. No one needs to be looking like a raccoon unless it was done on purpose.. 
Best waterproof mascara to this day and I mean run don’t walk!! *drum roll* please the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof Mascara. You guys this mascara is AMAZING!!! Trust me when I say that this is a deal. Plus it’s only £4

Set your makeup!! No matter what your makeup routine is, setting your makeup is a must. The more you set in between products from cream to powder the better everything will blend flawlessly and lock into place.
Best to keep your makeup long lasting with the NYX Setting spray 
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