50 shades of perfect lips

50 shades of perfect lips

Hey Hey Hey... of course, everyone can wear whatever they want to wear! But we’ve put together a list of which shades can best complement your skin tone to get those lips poppin’ even more! 

Once you know your undertone we can find you the best shades for your complexion and SNAP, you’ll be feeling you, true and Reckless in no time⏰

In life, opposites attract but that’s not to say your lip colour shouldn’t mirror your bold personality. Matching lipstick shades with your skin’s natural undertone (or even hair and your wardrobe) makes you noticeable in that newly crowded room - no more hiding away! 

So, do you have a cool, warm or neutral undertone? Forget skin colour, simply check the veins on the inside of your wrist – blue veins means cool, green equals warm, and if you can’t tell you’re neutral, pretty cool huh?!

It is said that those with those blue veins suit ‘berry’ type tones; so go for Spirited, Audacious, or even or ‘Dauntless’ if you want to be a little less nudey 😉

Double up on the best lipsticks for cooler undertones, we’ve got you covered;  Orangey-red (like ‘Statement’), brick-red (Like ‘Romantic’), and terra-cotta (Like ‘Scandalous’) will enhance your skin to the best of its ability!

Neutrals can go WILD - pick ‘n’ mix the best colours to express yourself. So, where to start? Play with all the shades - your perfect red lipstick should be not too orange, not too blue.  Granted, we know that red is a difficult one to pull off, but honestly, we believe EVERYONE suits ‘Call me never’, you’ve just got to wear it with a little sass and confidence. 

Matte finishes can make lips look bold but slightly less elevated (although still hella stylish!), but for a low-maintenance sheen, you should go for a creme Lip Light with hydrating properties such as Sativa oil to keep your lips luscious and oh so kissable.. 

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