90's Lip Trends Are Back, Baby - And Better Than Ever!

90's Lip Trends Are Back, Baby - And Better Than Ever!

2021 has been full of colour, but we’re now going to spotlight a true 90’s classic with a twist, so you too can perfect your pout with confidence. 

We’re seeing this 90’s lip contouring technique make a comeback across socials. If you’ve seen fuller, deeper and this downright kissable effect, then you should try our expert techniques below when recreating the look for yourself. 

Step aside solid colours, we’re ready to start throwing shade - lip style! 

 Because, let’s face it, no one would ever say no to juicier lips! 💋

This trend is perfect for all skin tones because there are so many different nudes out there. 

Forget about matching your lip liner to your lipstick. Instead, bring extra attention to the shape of your mouth with a lip liner in a contrasting shade to create that supremely '90s drawn-on lips look.

Simply take your favourite cruelty-free & Vegan lip liner (darker than your normal lip liner):

  1. Outline your lips with your darker liner
  2. Create dimension by drawing some vertical lines in each quarter.
  3. Go over the liner with your favourite lighter shade of lipstick
  4. Blend, but not too far up! You want to be able to see the difference in the colours in order to create the contour to get your lips poppin’ 
  5. Add a pop of gloss to make them even more voluptuous💁

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