Alt Makeup: On the rise

Alt Makeup: On the rise

Similarly to e-girl and goth makeup, Alt makeup is all about celebrating individuality. Using beauty products to subvert traditional beauty norms? Count us in

Recent trend analysis shows that Alternative makeup is once again on the rise in the trending categories of makeup, and we’re so here for it!

When we do our makeup, we often go through the motions: trying to play up certain facial features or hiding others that society has made us feel ashamed of. Well, gone are those days! Alt makeup celebrates looking different. Like alternative music before it, society is finally moving away from the mainstream and focusing on creativity over vanity - not to say it doesn’t look totally amazing though! 

How some of our favourite alt beauty, getting #Reckless with their makeup;

1. Draping (Blush from your temple to you cheeks)

This blush-forward style is no exception. Rather than utilising blush as an accent on the cheekbones, we’re loving the look of extending the blush up to the temples and blending into the eye makeup for one continuous (alternative) look. To recreate this look, for the light skin tones you can mix shades “Dreamer” and “Sassy” of our Eye-Luminates into your blush and for our Dark skin tones you can use the shades “Queen” and “Naughty Poppins” for that  glow🙌🏻

2. Gothic lip

Out with the old and in with the new! Dark lips top it all off for the ultimate drama. To recreate, why not try out our ‘Dauntless’ or ‘Mystic’ Lip Light - don’t you want heads to turn when you enter the room?!

3. Smudge Lip

Smudge lip is an alternative to the dark grunge look we so opt to do when it comes to Alt makeup. Matching the eyes, this technique gives more of an effortless combination. You can achieve this look with our Reckless Lip Lights using “Dauntless” and “Audacious”. Apply the product and start smudging with your fingertip. Don’t be afraid to go beyond your lips!

4. Sparkles x 100

Don’t think a little shimmer can be alternative? We’ve always known that adding sparkly sunbursts to your eyes is a go-to trick to add an extra pop - but you can also make it a little edgier by adding the focus under the eye to give that tear-jerked vibe… tears of joy that is⚡

5. Eyeliner/ Lashes

Eye-Liner and lashes play a huge role in Alt makeup because it accentuates the whole mood of what you are going for. Inspired by the Gaming, Anime world and emo/ punk vibes, Alt makeup is a bit different than your typical E-girl makeup. It is defined by an edgier aesthetic that defines a different side of the beauty world. Using eyeliner and spider lashes, you create a character that portrays your rebellious personality.   


How to break the beauty mold with the alt makeup trend:

This look may be bold, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to pull off. Start by following our how-to tips and then once you have crushed the basics, that’s when things get started.

1) Start with your makeup

The important part of the makeup look is your blush. Start by applying it using the makeup technique “Draping” which means you apply your blush from your temples, connected to the side of your eyelids and then downwards to your cheekbones. Don’t forget to apply blush to the tip of your nose. 

The next step is to add a highlighter or in our case at Reckless, we prefer sparkles like any of our Eye Luminate shades “Naughty Poppins” in the teardrop of our eyes and the tip of our nose.

2) The Eyes -  Go big or Go Home!

Start blending a warm or neutral shade in the crease until you hardly see much.

Apply on your lower lash line a bright colour such as red or pink.

There are different types of eyeliner in alternative makeup. The fuller the better! One of our faves is the “bat” liner, where you simply draw a bat wing on your eye. To add more effect, you can draw a small triangle under the lower lash line. To top all that make sure to add your sparkles on top going downwards to your cheekbones as if they were teardrops.

Add your spider lashes for that BOOM!

3) The Lips

There are two types of lip styles that you can do in  Alt makeup.   

First is the dark lip, where you outline your lips with a taupe, red or black liner and fill it in with a dark shade. You can use the Reckless shade “Dauntless” or “Mystic”.

The second approach would be the smudge lip style, where you add colour, Reckless Lip Light “Audacious” in the centre of your lips and start smudging it outwards even going beyond your lips. You can add a gloss on top to accentuate the smudge.

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