Be BOLD Be LOUD Be PROUD PrideMonth 2021

Be BOLD Be LOUD Be PROUD PrideMonth 2021

Pride Month is about showing off your true colours, whoever you are and whatever you feel, you are beautiful! 


This month we recognise the resilience and determination of the many individuals who are fighting to live freely and authentically. 

As we look back on the struggles of the LGBTQAI+ community, it is sad that the queer and gay community could never really be themselves. 

This is why rainbow colours are so fitting to represent diversity in all forms; sexuality, gender, race, ages and so on. 

It is time to brush the cobwebs off our brightest makeup palettes, grab some sparkles and get fearlessly, unapologetically RECKLESS with colour! 


What does pride mean?


🌈 Pride means loving and accepting who you are. Not who you were, not loving and accepting on certain terms, not the person you could be if x y or z...

The person you are right here, in this very moment. 

🌈 Pride means standing up for equality and being an ally. 

As the gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk said, 

“All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.” 

It doesn’t cost a thing to respect others, but the benefits for society and mental health are invaluable. 

🌈 Pride means expressing yourself in a way that's uniquely you.

Amazing things happen when you don’t follow, but SPARKLE!

We’re complex beings, so don’t dilute your personality to make others feel more comfortable. 

So much of our identities are based on the choices we make; how we look, what we like, where we spend our time etc.

Beauty has no gender, and if you want to go for the pink hair/Cold As Ice Eye-Luminate combo, then we say YAS, Queen! Do it! 

🌈 Pride means smashing stereotypes for good

Out with the old, and in with the new! 

New ideas, new ways of thinking, new voices, new connections. 

Gender is a societal construct built on expectations about how men and women are supposed to behave — rules that have long pigeonholed people in potentially harmful ways. 

People have been breaking the so-called rules of gender forever, and we can continue their hard work by unapologetically expressing ourselves today and tomorrow, however we please!

 🌈 Finally, Pride is about loving each other unconditionally and without judgment

Because Love is Love.

It’s been one helluva year, and lockdown has been a good reminder of how boring life is without all the amazing diversity that exists around us. 

While we should celebrate Pride all year round, this month is dedicated to the LGBTQAI+ community and we will be celebrating with you. Let’s get our SPARKLE on!

P.S our bright colour shades would look real good with your Rainbow inspired looks... 😉

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