Boost your mood with the latest rainbow trend blowing up

Boost your mood with the latest rainbow trend blowing up

After an amazing 2021 PRIDE month, the Rainbow microtrend has been popping all over social media, and we’re welcoming the fabulously colourful makeup designs with open arms at Reckless!  

Glamour and “What We Wear” have said that rainbow makeup (and a delicious dose of colour in general) is likely to continue for the whole of 2021 

summer.  😍✨

Ready to pack a punch with YOUR palette?

We’re guessing if you’re anything like us you’ve been keeping your beauty routine to a minimum this past year. 

Good news though; with lockdown easing, it’s the perfect time to get RECKLESS with colour!

So a little backstory as to where this all started… 

In the Fall/Winter 2020 runways, Citrus shades were a common occurrence, with brands like Gabriela Hearst and Hermès sending beautiful versions down the runway.

Makeup artists on TikTok brought this colourful idea into the mainstream eye, and it turns out, this microtrend is something both Millenials and Gen Z’s can finally agree on. 

Maximalism is having its day. More is more. Think statement—often clashing—colours and unapologetic OTT makeup looks with this bold makeup trend. 

TikTok has shown they can sway the balance of power in the fashion and beauty industry. With more diversity of faces, ideas and inspiration available in the app, there has never been a better time to experiment with this fun rainbow look.

Minimalists, look away now. These are some of the boldest that are straight up mesmerising 👁👄👁

Go from minimalist to glam with some bold, bright beautiful colours. 

Here are a few of our favourite rainbow looks we’ve seen over the last month:




For your viewing pleasure, watch our founder @kikii_Sparkles creating her own rainbow look with Reckless products. 

Check it out!
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