Euphoria S2 Packed with Even More Makeup Trends

Euphoria S2 Packed with Even More Makeup Trends

Who else is excited for Season 2 of Euphoria?
Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the filming of season 2 has now started and rumour has it should be airing in late 2021/ early 2022.  
We’re interested in hearing what head makeup artist Doniella Davy has in store for Euphoria season 2 after she influenced so many trends from season 1.
As we know, Euphoria has always been big on stripping back the foundation and letting skin glow naturally; that won’t be changing! The show is massive for showing fans how to embrace their youthful skin and use makeup as an expression of self, not as a mask to hide behind. 
Davy has said that season 2 will be glitter-free but not without sparkle!
“Finely milled shimmer is replacing last season's chunky glitter, and rhinestones have been retired for the time being”.
Want to get behind this trend first? 
Reckless Cosmetics have the PERFECT shimmery Eye Luminates for you to light up your eyes, cheeks and (if you dare!) your whole face if you’re brave enough! 
Our buttery, blendable eyeshadows are approved by Euphoria trends, replacing obvious glitz with a low-key twinkle.
Classic winged liner is, to no surprise, here to stay and will often be seen on characters like Maddy and Cassie. Thank GOD for that!

Davy has never been a massive advocate for big false lashes and season 2 of Euphoria will be rawer and more emotional (MORE?!! We can’t cope!). We wonder if Daly was inspired by Marina and the diamonds...🤔

There will be no false lashes to hide the makeup art, and instead a LOT of loaded, lower lashes to let the drama do the talking - don’t hide your beautiful talent with a massive lash.

The release date for Euphoria season 2 has yet to be announced, but it's safe to say, it can't come soon enough. We’re ready for the inspiration that Davy is sure to deliver! 

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