Eye makeup 101: Make your eyes POP with these expert tips

Eye makeup 101: Make your eyes POP with these expert tips

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, and like all beautiful pieces of art, they need a frame that enhances, not distracts, from the true masterpiece inside. 

Here are a few ways you can stand out from the crowd and get that person across the bar to notice the twinkle in your eyes✨👀

  • Use your sparkly eyeshadows as highlighters

At Reckless Cosmetics, we love to experiment and so many of our Eye-Luminate shades are perfect substitutes for highlighter when you want to be a little different from the average warm glow. We’ve used shades ‘Dreamer’ for a cool white/ lilac tone, and ‘Sassy’ for a pinker glow. This is perfect for festivals where exciting makeup designs are often the centrepiece of an outfit. Embrace change and break away from your go-to everyday looks, because who's to say you can’t do this at home too?!

Or mix both together!


  • Accentuate Your Lashes with a Hot Eyelash Curler

 Wishing your lashes were just a little bolder? Don’t we all! Everyday eyelash curlers will do the trick at first, but in order for the curl to last all day, consider using a hot eyelash curler to heat them into place and make them last well into the night! It makes sense really; heatless curls just don't last as long, especially when you’re touching up mascara throughout the day.

  • Coat Your Eyes with Sheer Colour for an Instant Pop

It’s pretty obvious that colour will make your eyes pop, but do you know which colours are best for your eye colour? 

No?! Okay, well let us educate...

Blue: Earthy tones and rich browns contrast amazingly to make blue eyes stand out. Shimmery greys, including silver, are also super flattering if you want to go more subtle. Blue-eyed beauties love a dark, smoky eye because it truly does make light eyes pop.

Brown: Pretty much any colour! Purple, green, bronze, blue you name it. Lighter brown eyes are particularly stunning with blue eyeshadow, and if you have gold tones, a shimmery gold would compliment too.

Green/Hazel: For a bolder look, use shades of purple to create a contrast (think opposites on the colour wheel) If you want a more natural vibe, go for neutral pinks, taupes, and even earthy hues with reddish undertones, if you’re exceptionally daring, add hints of gold.

Grey: Similarly to blue eyes, greys go perfectly with hues like silver, gunmetal, or icy blue shades. 

Reckless has all the colours in the book!

  • Experiment with Coloured Eyeliner

One of our favourite ways to make eyes pop is to use bold eyeshadows to create a coloured liner effect. Simply use a flat, thin brush and slightly dampen it so that the shadow sticks more precisely and get that smudged, bright eyeliner effect that everyone is raving about! Here we’ve used ‘Extravert’ to make our green-eyed babe ready to go out-out:

Head over to www.recklesscosmetics.uk to shop our Eye-Luminate and get that sparkle in your eyes!

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