EYELINER: The classic black wing is being snazzed up for Autumn

EYELINER: The classic black wing is being snazzed up for Autumn

Reckless is taking a bold approach with liner, and you should too! 

Read ahead to find out how you can pull off a soft twist on the classic black wing, and stay with the trends.

Coloured eyeliner is especially trendy this season: neon green, pink, purple, different shades of blue, and metallic - effects, such as gold or copper. If you are not afraid to use a lighter colour, first choose more subtle options that are not too different from conventional black.

And if you want more of a subtle tone to make your eyes pop, you can go for deeper tones such as midnight, brown, or dark purple (like What a Diva 😉).

You can even make it easier for yourself by whacking on a little bit of masking tape to shape the wing and using eyeshadow to colour in the section. 


You can never go wrong with adding a pop of shimmer to the corner of the eyes too!

Shimmer eyeliner is such a YES! Just use a thin wet brush and add a little pop to make your eyes look bigger but in a subtle, sparkly way to finish😜

Fill in the wing, cause’ why not?! Simply take your Eye-Luminate and fill in the shape you just created with the wet brush, or don’t… either look insane!

Even bolder with a pop of shimmer under the eyes too! Make em’ pop🌟

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