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Festival MUST-haves

Are you looking for inspiration as we plan our debut for the festival season?🤩
Even if you don’t like sparkles (apparently those people exist) we’ve put together a checklist of all the things you must have on your packing list before going wild!
No.1: SPF
SPF is cool. Sunburn is not. We don’t really need to go on about the many benefits of SPF for keeping your skin looking young, fresh and protected from the harsh rays of the sun, but if you need more convincing before adding it to the list, let us just say 2 words: festival pictures. 
No one wants to look back on all those incredible memories and realise they resembled a tomato at the time. 
No. 2: Sunglasses!
This is probably an obvious one, but make sure you bring a spare pair too. Sunglasses are so easy to lose and buying more at the festival is usually a way to waste money on poor quality products. 
They will also protect your eyes from any of the bright lights in the evening shows - make sure they’re polarised!
No. 3: Waterproof clothing
We aren’t saying you need wellies, but make sure any shoe you’re going to be wearing has been sprayed with a ‘Crep protector’ so that they are more likely to keep your feet dry if the UK weather (ever-unpredictable as it is!) decides to have an unscheduled rain shower while you’re in the middle of a field...
And, don’t forget a rain mac, or even a transparent poncho to make sure everyone can still see the outfit you’ve spent months picking out!
No. 4: A hand fan
Although we just told you to bring clothes for the rain, you need to make sure you have something to keep you cool in the sun all day too. It’s very easy to get heatstroke and ruin your day if you don’t keep yourself cool, especially when alcohol may be involved. So stay safe with a fan!
No. 5: Easy to apply makeup
You do not want to be overpacking all of your makeup brushes, etc. So our advice is to stick to makeup that can be applied with just a beauty blender and your hands! Such as our Eye-Luminate which are conveniently made to be applied with your fingers.
P.S. It’s actually much better for your skin and wrinkle prevention to apply makeup with your hands; they will be cleaner than any tools you use and you pull less on the skin!
No. 6: Baby wipes
These are a must-have for any overnight festivals. Many festivals have showers of course, and if you are near one, we recommend taking advantage! However, the showers will have crazy long queues so may not be a priority before the next act starts. 
So, bring along baby wipes to wipe yourself down and freshen up at the water taps instead, no queuing required and almost as good as a shower.
No.7: A bum-bag (fanny pack)
Need we say more? You’re going to need somewhere to keep your valuables close and safe - phone, cash, drink tokens (and maybe this year, your proof of vaccination).
No. 8: Portable charger
You can find charging stations at most festivals, but you will have to leave your phone there and risk getting separated from pals/ unable to take photos for a while, so we recommend buying a portable charger - they’re pretty cheap and easy to find in any phone shop or online!
No. 9: Sparkles/ Face Jewels
It wouldn’t be a festival without going overboard on the sparkles. Here are some styles we LOVE where you can use our Eye-Luminate with face jewels🤩
No. 10: Water bottle or Gatorade
There is nothing worse than waking up the next morning in a tent and not having water readily available to you after a long day in the sun (and potentially drinking alcohol..). 
Make sure you bring your favourite (LIGHT) reusable water bottle and keep it filled up to have as soon as you wake up, to get ready to go again that afternoon! 🥳🍹
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