Halloween inspo? We got you!

Halloween inspo? We got you!

Makeup is always there to save the day when costumes don’t come in time (darn fuel crisis!!). It’s fun, easy and can add a wow factor to even the most simplistic of costumes. 

Instagram has been giving us inspo all year round but it’s absolutely flooded with creativity this month, and we’re so here for it! We’ve done you a favour and put together some of the ‘easiest’ most effective looks we could find on the net to take your costume to the next level. Let’s get extra this Halloween! 

  • 60’S CHIC by @claytonhawkins, get that quiff and big purple eye out to play for this toned down, less on the scary-side, look💜


  • Instagram/@kikii_sparkles showing us how to pull off a batliner, a subtle but effective makeup look. And not gonna lie, we’d wear this in everyday life too. Slayyy girl!

  • Instagram // modern_monkey showing us how to cause hellfire wearing our “Naughty Poppins”, “what a diva” and “treason season” eyeshadows + Insane duotone Mystic” lip light!

  • @itsvanbeauty gives us that gorgeous holographic effect by pulling white liner through the bright eyeshadow colours - perfect for any less ‘scary’ look… we’re thinking Powerpuff girls or Power Rangers?!

  • Now for the spookier stuff… Instagram/ @_empty__alien wearing our Extravert Eye Luminate, it is by no means the biggest part of this look.. Just look at those lashes and teeth, and ears! WOW😍

  • Instagram / @heirofglee giving us stars in our eyes🤩

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