6 Steps on how to gain confidence

6 Steps on how to gain confidence

A healthy level of self-confidence can help you become successful in ALL walks of life and play a powerful role in your overall mental health and wellbeing.

Self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. 

We are aware that a confidence boost is not as simple as following some top tips or reading a step-by-step guide, but there are a few simple acts of kindness you can do for yourself in order to break out of your shell and live a little more Recklessly!

For our #PoiseForThought campaign, we turned to the Reckless team and asked everyone to share what habits they changed in their daily life that allowed them to smash the self-doubt and fear that held them back. 

Don’t try to hide it.. become it. Embrace it.

Here are 6 ⚡Reckless CosmeTIPS⚡ to feeling completely confident in yourself:


Step 1: Law of Attraction

When you surround yourself with positive people you attract positivity. Create a safe circle of friends and family that challenge, motivate and uplift you for the best. Diversity is the sparkle that makes life far more interesting! Make sure that you put your true, amazing self out there so your tribe can find you. Find your niche in life and be true to it. This is how you will gain confidence: by living your life like you were always meant to.


Step 2: Stop comparing yourself to others (especially on social media)

We know the feeling of going down that spiraling black whole of social media. Get out of it! It’s not real! Body negativity is everywhere, and it is the first killer to our confidence. Instead of being negative, be positive! Compliment each other, be genuine, hype one another to be your best selves and the world will manifest in your favor. The second one would be the lavish lifestyle that others portray. Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember everyone had to start from somewhere to get to their end goal.


Step 3: Journaling

Write down everything that bothers you and goals you want to achieve. Give yourself a timeline and try your best to fulfill them. Take your time. You can also start with writing 5 things you are grateful for and 5 things you love about yourself every week. This will help you manifest good energy and allow confidence to strive within you and around you.


Step 4: Self Care + Meditation

Remember to take time for yourself! Relax, even if it is only 10 minutes per day. Find a quiet room, sit down and control your breathing. Meditation really helps our body, mind and soul. Repeat affirmations that help you feel better. Here are some ideas the Reckless fam came up with “I accept myself. I believe in myself. I am worthy of happiness and great success. I love being unique. I am thankful. I am brave. I am me.”


Self-care can also be a “me time”. Grab a glass of any beverage (we prefer wine), prepare a bubble bath, add essential oils, light up candles and try a face mask all while listening to your favourite songs or watching your favorite comedy show. Laughing is one of the greatest keys to self-confidence. Your smile lights up the room.


Step 5: Get Glam!

We know looks aren’t everything! One of our favourite ways to get ourselves feeling good is to try out a new look, something out of the ordinary. There’s some sort of strange accomplishment we get from pulling off a new Eye shadow (or Eye-Luminate) colour with a new outfit. So, pick yourself up, do your skincare, sing in the mirror and give yourself a new look! 


Step 6: Intellectual Growth

Read a book, listen to podcasts or watch one ted talk every morning. It’s a win win kind of situation if you think about it. You learn something new everyday and distract yourself from any negative thoughts your mind might be tricking you into focusing on. The more you focus on your imperfections, the bigger it gets in your mind, the less confident you become. So, remember to train your mind to be great and you’ll be the greatest. 

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