Kissable Lips 101: 7 ways to keep your lips hydrated

Kissable Lips 101: 7 ways to keep your lips hydrated

Everyone has phases where their lips go through phases where you need to give them a little extra TLC at times. We've created a list of easy, at-home remedies you can try to get rid of chapped, dry lips. Pucker up! Here we go...

  1. I know I know, it may be obvious and said before but DRINK WATER. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest, natural ways to keep your lips looking plump. Not to mention the other benefits for how you feel and your skin! 
  2. Stay away from harmful ingredients like Camphor. These products can actually dry out your lips to keep you buying more. Be sure to check the ingredient list of your products to avoid cheap cosmetic tricks like this one.
  3. Wake your lips up. Many models use this surprising (and natural) trick before shoots to make their lips appear brighter: rub citrus fruits onto your lips. Either lemon or orange or any other citrus fruit works. But make sure you don't do this if they're already super dry/cracked… OUCH!
  4. SPF… yes, we are bringing it up AGAIN, but these three letters will save you immediate and long term regret! Use daily SPF 15 or above, even on cloudy or cold days, to slow down the signs of ageing. Your lips can become damaged by UV rays from sun exposure or even sunless tanning beds. Make sure you're using a lip balm with an SPF ingredient. Reapplying sunscreen hourly to your lips will give you the best results.
  5. Limit exposure to toxins: Polluted air, smoke, and chemicals can prematurely age skin, making lips look dark or wrinkled. Habits like smoking can aggravate this effect and give your lip colour a faded appearance over time. If, by chance, you can't escape second-hand smoke or pollutants (we're looking at you London underground!), wearing a scarf, or of course a mask to cover your lips, may also protect them from exposure.
  6. Don’t forget to scrub your lips, leaving all that chapped skin behind. You can DIY your own vegan lip scrub for softer smoother lips using ingredients in this recipe: 4 tsp sugar, 3 tsp Virgin Coconut oil and 2 drops of any oil you like (it can be Rose, Peppermint, Grapefruit…). These ingredients not only remove the dead skin from your lips but also add moisture leaving them polished and kissable.
  7. Use hydrating products when you wear makeup. At Reckless, we care about our consumers, which is why our Lip Lights have all-natural CBD oil in them. Ingredients such as this mean that your Creme gloss isn't going to dry you out, whether you use them as lipstick (or even blusher for some shades 🙌🏻). Use makeup that cares about your health, and you will see a massive difference! 

The bottom line is treating dry or chapped lips as quickly as possible is key.

Invest in the future-you by keeping a few Lip Lights in places that are easy to access; some in the car, one or two in your handbag, at your workstation and by your bed. Perfect your pout by investing in products that protect you, not harm you💋

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