Take your makeup from day-time chic to night-time rocker glam

Take your makeup from day-time chic to night-time rocker glam

If you’re having a night out right after a long day at work, you can transition from a daytime natural look to something more glam using our tried-and-tested Reckless beauty tips. Intensify your eye makeup, always put skincare first, and add a sexy bold lip, and not a soul will suspect you’ve just clocked off a 9-hour shift!


  • First things first, LIGHTING. Night makeup can be a lot heavier, and sparklier when the sun goes down because you simply have to wear more for it to stand out in the dark. 
  • If you’re not able to make a quick stop at home before changing venues, keep in mind that you don’t want a huge bag with you. Bringing makeup products you can apply and blend with your fingers will be helpful—that includes cream eyeshadow and shimmer, cream blush, and stick foundation or concealer. 
  • During touchups, remember that wearing powder during the day may cause creamy concealers to separate on the skin. So, always check your face first to see where you think your skin needs freshening up. A spritz of a face mist and reapplying moisturiser will help “wake up” your skin by flooding moisture back into it and softening it for reapplication.
  • Keep cotton swabs on hand to remove any makeup you don’t want for the evening or reverse any mistakes.
  • Adding eyeliner can take the daytime no-makeup look to a new level without having to pile on more mascara and damage your lovely natural lashes - get those wings and flicks out for the town 👁️

  • Now is the time to play with texture and colour; add another element to your makeup by popping on a hydrating lippy. The bolder, the better! Throw out those nudes and go for a red, or even a deeper colour, if you dare..

  • One thing you can easily do for a big impact is deepening your eyeshadow with a slightly darker shade or even brightening it with a touch of sparkle ✨, this will add another element and heighten the drama of your look - perfect for all those night owls. 

Don’t forget to include Reckless Cosmetics in your on-the-go makeup bag, especially with our creamy lip lights (that can double as blush), and our easy to apply cream Eye-Luminate eyeshadows!💋🤩

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