The perfect base to the no makeup, makeup look!

The perfect base to the no makeup, makeup look!

How to create the perfect base with the no makeup makeup look?

It’s no secret that achieving that healthy glow from within look all starts with your skincare routine. The no makeup look is all about minimal and enhancing our features with as little products possible.

Forget about your primer and definitely ditch that foundation! You don’t want to have a heavy base for this look. Step 1 is to apply a dry oil as a base. Doing so will guarantee that your skin is hydrated and at the same time give you that glow from within. Step 2 is add your moisturiser. Let that sit for about a minute. You can massage your face which will help blood circulation.

Step 3 and THIS IS IMPORTANT: Never forget your sunscreen! Not only does it protect your skin, it also allows the products to stick instead of separating.

Step 4: The brows

Try not to fill in your brows, instead use a brow tint or brow gel which will give you a more natural finish.

Step 5: Add Blush to your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose to give you that natural sun kissed look.

Step 6: Don’t go heavy on the eyes.. we’d prefer to stick to mascara only.

And last but not least, Step 7: A lip tint. Have you tried out our Reckless lip light? They’re a cross combination between a velvet liquid lip and a lip tint. Just dab a bit on your lips and spread with your finger.

There you go! 7 steps to creating the perfect no makeup, makeup look!

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