The Reckless Archive: Joan Jett

The Reckless Archive: Joan Jett

The Reckless Archive where we honor celebrities who inspired the making of the brand.

Joan Jett is an American singer and musician. She was part of the all girls band The Runaways and later on played with The Blackhearts.

With her most iconic songs “I hate myself for loving you”, “I love Rock n Roll” and our personal favourite “Bad Reputation”, Joan redefined Rock n Roll and Punk Rock for girls.

Joan is the embodiment of a “rule” breaker. She never let anyone scare her out of her dream nor did she allow them to tell her what to do! With her never back down attitude and rebellious behavior, she proved that any girl can play and I quote “dirty, sexy, sweaty guitar 🎸 .”

Back then girls weren’t allowed to play guitar. She defied society norms and changed the music industry for women. She later on became one of the first woman to own a Record Label. In an interview with Rolling Stones magazine she says: “What Suzie Quatro did for me was huge. I thought, well, if she can do it, and if I can do it, then there’s got to be other girls out there that are thinking about doing this.”

Joan Jett is a feminist icon who built an empire for women in the Punk Rock scene. She became the Queen in the Rock n Roll scene! How bad ass?⚡️⚡️

Reckless is all about inclusivity and not letting society define who we are and how we should portray ourselves! ⚡️🤟🏼❤️‍🔥

- The Reckless Archive #inspiriation

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