The Reckless Guide to Shimmer Makeup

The Reckless Guide to Shimmer Makeup

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If you’re like us and obsessed with the TV shows, Euphoria and GlowUp, then you too will be itching to experiment with more daring makeup looks than ever before! 

We’re seeing makeup artistry evolving into something more than highlighting, blending and halo-ing.  

Makeup is being used to challenge beauty and makeup norms, to challenge stereotypical gender identities. It’s definitely not about using makeup in a corrective way anymore, there is so much more RECKLESSness involved, and bringing this trend to life is the Shimmer factor!

Let’s face it, there is clearly a shimmer ‘gene’ in all of us. As children, there was only one goal: more sparkle meant more FUN!

We’re excited to share our top picks for applying shimmer with a Euphoria-inspired mix of badass makeup artistry for you to try out before hitting the town or rocking at your next festival. 

 Courtesy of Doniella Davy on Vulture

Go big or go home! 

This look is amazing and we’re in love with how eye makeup is the star of the show here. When you tone down the makeup on other features of your face, it means you can go a little crazy with another. And let’s be honest, you can never have an eye-wing too big, especially when your hair is tied back in a sleek ponytail. 

Pair with your lushest Eye-Luminate, gems, a simple dress and voila, an effortless style with just enough sparkle that you’ll never forget! 

Getty ImagesGetty Images

Channel your inner Bowie; let it be guided by the light (or sparkle, in this case). 

Bright, vibrant sparkles are a MUST this summer, and not just because we’re all feeling like this is the perfect time to reinvent our style, but because this is the antidote to isolation and those track pants we’ve been living in all year.

Makeup is a great conversation starter, especially with more people than ever getting involved. 

If you’re willing to be brave with bringing the bling, you will attract what you put into the world! 


Perfecting these looks are at the top of our to-do list.

With a huge variety of stencil options out there, mixing them together and finding the right element for your face is going to be a gamechanger. 

A true work of art, we must advise that getting the right combination of imperfection and beauty will take a large chunk of time, but the results are breathtaking, right?!

Elle Canada

Sun-kissed complexion, pastel hues and statement sparkles = so on trend! 

Pushing the boundaries comes in all shapes, sizes AND shimmers. Toning it down for a more demure look can still make a statement when adding in pops of colour. Ok, this is gorgeous! Hold our glass while we try our own version of this, pronto!

Recreate this look using our Dreamer eyeshadow; a dazzling white duo-chrome with blue sparkles to give you a holographic, pearlescent glow effect. 


This look has WHO AM I? vibes that we’re totally digging. 

WHO AM I? is the liquid lip silk with an unexpected subtle shimmer that catches the light to give a plump, rounded effect. 

When you have a delicious sprinkling of freckles coupled with a bold, unique eye design, there is the question of how to make the lips pop too…

This look proves that keeping shimmer minimal can still be both striking and elegant. 

We hope you enjoyed our top picks of Euphoria-inspired shimmer looks. Head over to our website to shop our range of vegan and cruelty free pearlescent makeup, and explore all the ways that shimmer can light up your life!✨

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