Tips & Tricks to help with your Dark Circles

Tips & Tricks to help with your Dark Circles

Tired of having to deal with your Dark Circles that won't just budge away? Continue reading to find out what can help you!

A lot of people think that you can get rid of your dark circles with creams and products. But that's a myth! It's a cause of poor circulation and genetics. Yikes! That doesn't help and makes us feel hopeless. 

Most people develop dark circles with lack of sleep and a lot of caffeine. And yes, they will be able to get rid or prevent them because it wasn't something hereditary.

Here is everything you need to know that will help you diminish the effects on your skin:

1- Lifestyle choices:

As we all know, Water is a necessity to our body and organs, especially the largest organ, our skin! The more your body is dehydrated, the more issues you will have health wise but also beauty wise. Drinking too much alcohol, eating unhealthy, adding too much salt to your diet, lack of sleep or even stress are all results of dehydration. Water hydrates your body without integrating any harsh chemicals.💧💧

2- Add Vitamins to your routine: (whether it's in your food, pills or creams)

Vitamin A, E, K and C are necessities to our skin. These vitamins help brighten up your skin, improve circulation and even contain anti-inflammatory properties. Omega 3 also does wonders for the skin by improving blood flow away from the eyes. 

3- Retinol:

Forget the caffeine (common mistake)! We know that caffeine shrinks the blood vessels but they also don't allow you to sleep. Caffeine, whether it comes as a cream or a drink, you are still a percentage intake that is entering your body. We recommend Retinol. It improves the pigmentation of your skin and helps with blood circulation. We know that Retinol might be a little harsh and drying, so make sure to always apply a little before you go to bed. The next day you apply your Vitamin C to help brighten and hydrate your skin. And, never forget your sunscreen! ☀️

4- Hydrate:

Use any cream water based. Like we said before, drinking water is a MUST! However, with an extra push make sure to always hydrate with water based creams and serums. 

5- Foods that help reduce the appearance of Dark Circles:

🍅 Tomato: Rich in antioxidants also helps with blood circulation.

🥒Cucumber: High in Nutrients, contains Anti-oxidants and promotes hydration.

🍉Watermelon: Promotes hydration, aids in skin health, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

🫐Blueberries: Rich in Omega 3 and vit C.

🫑Green vegetables: Reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration.

🍊Oranges: Increase collagen which helps with skin elasticity and brightens up under eye.

🟣Beetroot: Reduces dark circles and contains beta lain antioxidants.

🟠 Papaya: Makes skin clearer and brighter.

🟤Seeds and nuts (if you aren't allergic): Sunflower seed and almonds contain Vitamin E which do wonders for diminishing dark circles.

And if those don't work, remember there is always makeup!

CCBB: Colour Correct (Red or orange to cancel out the dark pigmentation), Conceal (1 or 1.5 shades darker than your skin), Brighten (peach pigment) and Bake (with a banana or translucent powder).

Unless, you are getting fillers or botox, your dark circles will keep coming back..


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