Presents on a Budget!

Presents on a Budget!

Holidays can be so stressful especially around Christmas. Although, we are definitely excited for the festive decorations, the holiday movies, the food, the events, the parties and of course the makeup, we just can't stop thinking about how these last two years have affected us all. 

The Perfect Reckless-approved Gift Guide for 2021: we've put together a budget friendly gift guide for you this year that focuses on our Mental Health. 

  •  Tis the season of mindful gifting...

1- Candles:

Candles make a very chic decorating accessory especially during the Holidays but it is also an essential to our mental health. The smell of scented candles help us relax, leaving a scented more positive space for us.  

Wicks & Reeds provide a handmade holiday candle bundle: "The Bookcase Collection by The Wild Botanist is an enchanting range of luxury handmade candles based on classic Christmas Stories, each candle has its' own, very unique design and scent based on each story. These beautiful candles each display an excerpt from the book printed on the back of each glass along with a scent description."  Hurry, their sales are totally worth it!

2- Journals:

Journaling has always been recommended by psychologists and therapists. Journaling can help you feel less anxious, it allows you to process difficult  unwanted emotions, relieves you from a cluttered mind and makes you aware of your state of mind. 

A guided journal  £9.45

An empty journal  £6.99

3- An oil diffuser with essential oils:

Just like candles, an aromatherapy oil diffuser  is essential to our mental health. The smell help leaves a scented more positive space for us, relaxing our minds for a better day. Make sure to choose scents that help you loosen up. 

4- Vegan Bath Bombs:

Vegan bath bombs help you relax £9.99 Grab a glass of Red wine and fill your bath up, creating a relaxing mood for yourself. Don't forget the music!

5- Cute Cosy Comfort:

Who doesn't love a cozy onesie, sitting with a hot cup of cocoa in front of a fireplace, watching a Christmas movie? Makes us feel like we are in a dream. Comfort is essential to our well being and our mental health.  

6- Art Supplies:

We all love a good art activity especially with a group of friends and a glass of wine! Art is a good way to loosen up around the Holidays! It's fun and amusing. It can be a pottery class, a painting class or even a simple colouring book. Tis the season for art on a budget.

7- Skincare pocket friendly:

If you were not aware, having a good skincare routing is detriment to our Mental Health. Feeling good in our own skin is always a greater plus in our life, which boosts our confidence and therefore our Mental Health. Skincare is always a great gift especially for those who can't always afford a good regiment. But did you know that there are a lot of effective brands out there that offer products just under £15.00 and it is all linked for you here. Get shopping! 

The Body Shop always have the best body moisturizers in our opinion! They smell divine and are so luscious that our skin feels like a million bucks after application. This Christmas set for only £6.00 comes with a body cream & a shower gel. On the plus side they are also Vegan! 

Our skin during winter can be as dry as it is in the summer. If you have sensitive skin, you know that the worst feeling ever is when your skin starts to itch. We have the perfect solution for that and it costs only £6.37. The Avène Thermal smoothing spring water relieves your skin from any unwanted reaction while leaving your skin hydrated.

The Inkey list is definitely something you should check out! This brand definitely knows how to bring the effectiveness of a good skincare line while also being pocket friendly.

The Ordinary Brand have amazing products that also went viral on TikTok! They definitely work while still being paragon free, Cruelty Free and Vegan! 

CeraVe made its way onto fan favourites when the brand had such an amazing effect in their face wash. It's always hard to find a good cleanser that won't strip your face of the ingredients it needs. CeraVe is a pocket friendly brand and it works!

Garnier Micellar water is definitely worth the buy! Not only does it hydrate your face but it also removes your makeup for only £4.79! Forget about the harmful makeup wipes that destroy our planet and go ahead with a sensitive remover like this one!

While building a skincare routine, leave in mind that all skins are different. And, although we would love to recommend a routine for you, what works for us might not work for the others. 

8- Board and Card Games:

Always fun to receive games during the Holiday for a cheerful event. One night of laughter and memories. Who doesn't love a good game night? 


Mindful Gifts are what's in! Don't wait until last minute to shop to receive your presents in time ⚡️

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