Our Story



For those who have ever felt like they didn’t fit in or had to change to be accepted.


We are a new upcoming beauty brand in the UK and our products are Made in Italy. We believe that everyone has a place in the world and this is why Reckless goes against the norms of the Beauty industry. We are young, edgy and innovative. We are smart and creative. We are the change. 


Our mission is to allow the customer In being their true authentic self with easy to use, fun and practical Vegan makeup while still standing out.


Reckless is about the complexities of identities, empowerment and self love. We are not a full coverage brand. We appreciate our features and believe in our authenticity. 


Be sassy, Be true, Be brave, Be you!
Reckless Cosmetics all the way woohoo! 

We are Vegan certified by the Vegetarian Society and Cruelty Free! We cherish our furry little friends and that’s why we’ve created products that will be your best friend!


Just be Reckless!



Kikii Sparkles