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Reckless eyeshadows are the perfect compact eco-friendly ‘glitter’ replacement and they can be used in a wide range of ways: 


  • Eyeshadow

You do not want to be overpacking all of your makeup brushes, etc. So our advice is to stick to makeup that can be applied with just a beauty blender and your fingers!

P.S. It’s actually much better for your skin and wrinkle prevention to apply makeup with your hands; they will be cleaner than any tools you use and you pull less on the skin!

  • Eyeliner

One of our favourite ways to make eyes pop is to use bold eyeshadows to create a coloured liner effect. Simply use a flat, thin brush and slightly dampen it so that the shadow sticks more precisely and get that smudged, bright eyeliner effect that everyone is raving about! Here we’ve used ‘Extravert’ to make our green-eyed babe ready to go out-out

  • Highlight

At Reckless Cosmetics, we love to experiment and so many of our Eye-Luminate shades are perfect substitutes for highlighter when you want to be a little different from the average warm glow. We’ve used shades ‘Dreamer’ for a cool white/ lilac tone, and ‘Sassy’ for a pinker glow. This is perfect for festivals where exciting makeup designs are often the centrepiece of an outfit. Embrace change and break away from your go-to everyday looks, because who's to say you can’t do this at home too?!

  • Face shimmer

Reckless can even be used as face ‘glitter’ and face paint, although our products get their shimmer from sustainable Mica - it gives a beautiful glittery effect. To use on the face, simply use a damp brush to paint those amazing festival patterns to your desire.

Lip Light:

Reckless Cosmetics Lip-Tint collection image

For festivals, taking a small number of versatile pieces of makeup is key to making you look great without breaking your back (or your bank). 


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