Transparently Sustainable

Sustainability is on the rise of consumers concerns globally and we want to be transparent with our Reckless Fam. 

We do not use palm oil or beeswax in any of our products.

Instead, we use Sunflower Seed wax to ensure Veganism and natural ingredients.

Did you know?

Our Lip light is a combination between lip tint and a velvet liquid lip contain Cannabis Sativa Seed oil. Having this ingredient in our product allows your lips to stay hydrated without using a lip balm.

We use sustainable Mica.

This is 1000000000! x better for the environment than plastic glitter as it is biodegradable. Mica also gives a brighter ‘shine’ than plastic glitter and it also spreads onto skin smoother which gives a far more chic look. It’s a win-win 

We are fully Vegan. 

As people are starting to realise, being vegan is far better for the environment, especially dairy / cow-related products as cows release a huge amount of Methane which is even more harmful than CO2. And it’s of course better not to exploit animals when we don’t need to in the first place. Reckless cosmetics is just as good, if not better, than the non-vegan alternatives out there.