Why we're Vegan and proud

We made a vow that Reckless Cosmetics products will always be Vegan. We believe that there is no reason to use ingredients that need to be tested on animals - if an ingredient needs to be tested, it is likely not good for human skin anyway! 

When building the brand, it was a no brainer that the products would be vegan and cruelty-free.  Our founder, Kikii, loves all living things and wanted everyone to have a place in society and our environment. Using Vegan products are less harmful to the skin and I believe it’s important for brands to be aware of what ingredients they are using and be transparent to consumers.

By learning what goes into your favourite cosmetics products, you can help end animal abuse and make a difference in the world at large. To be 100% certain that no animals were harmed in making your cosmetics look for vegan trademarks, such as ‘The Vegetarian Society’.

The rise of flexitarianism is rife in UK society, and we are living for it. Although not everyone commits to being fully vegan, we are there to make it easier to make conscious decisions outside of just our eating habits. 

Buying vegan makeup is an easy step that everyone can take to better the animals’ lives (as well as the added benefits for the planet).